Hello, faithful subscribers to Uncorked: The WineBaskets.com Blog! Thank you for joining us as we take another look into what makes a good wine gift great. Here in the holiday season and as wine lovers ourselves, one of our favorite gifts to receive is wine, of course. While it’s our favorite type of gift to receive, wine gifts and bottles of wine are not always the easiest to give. From baskets to wooden wine crates, beautiful totes and more, here are some unique gifts for wine lovers! There are so many different types of wine gifts that you have the option to give, and first thing’s first, it helps to know what kind of wine your recipient will really love. One you’ve got their favorite wine factored in, it’s time to decide how you’re going to present that bottle of wine! Luckily, there are literally dozens of ways to give a bottle of wine as a gift.

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Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

Pacific Grove Wine Basket

If you’re unsure whether or not they enjoy red or white wine, why not send a bottle of both? Two noteworthy California wines – a lush Chardonnay with notes of apple butter and a reserve red blend that we absolutely love are paired with a rich variety of gourmet foods collected. It’s all collected and arranged in a keepsake leather container. The Pacific Gove wine basket is the perfect choice to impress any wine aficionado and snacking sophisticate. Imagine this spread out on a table for Christmas Eve!






Embossed Leather Wine Log with Red Wine

As wine lovers, it’s important for us to remember what we taste, where we were, and what the experience was like. After all, wine is all about taste!Crafted from top grain saddle leather and polished to perfection, this wine journal opens to reveal 96 rustic pages in which the wine label can be affixed, and lines to record the vintage, vintner, country, taste, bouquet, body, appearance, aroma, date and place, price, occasion, pairings and comments. With enough pages to record the tasting of over 40 wines, this convenient journal will quickly become a constant companion. The first wine recorded in the journal will be the jammy Napa Valley Claret from Ramey, a 90+ point rated Bordeaux blend with a juicy palate, soft round tannins and toasty oak. Or it will be the luscious Etude Pinot Noir from Los Carneros, the idyllic valley and iconic viticultural area nestled between Sonoma and Napa.



Personalized Name Wine Decanter

Just because you are shopping for a wine lover does not mean the gifts always have to be a bottle of wine. In fact, wine accessories and tools such as wine keys, corkscrews, aerators and this decanter are even better gifts, because you are giving them a gift that will let them maximize and enhance their own favorite chosen wines and new wines that they have never tried before. This gift is both a decanter and an aerator – it is a German-designed piece that unlocks the essence of a great bottle while separating unwanted sediment. Then, you have the option to elevate this piece with a personalized family name on the seamless glass surface.

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Chateau Montmore North Coast Brut with Double Walled Chiller

Perfectly, they’ll be serving a bottle of Chateau Montmore North Coast Brut Cuvee at the perfect temperature, no ice required. Bearing the namesake of the Montmorency cherry, the light straw color of this soft-bodied Brut cuvee boasts delicate aromas of cherry blossom, honey and buttered brioche. On the palate, flavors of sweet peach, apple and white cherries complement the flinty finish. Sleek, stainless steel and double-walled, this wine chiller by True can hold standard wine and champagne bottles. The distinctive hammered design and polished finish make this gift an apt showcase for a vintner’s most celebrated labor. And so we think it’s an enduring gift worthy of any occasion.







Wine in a Lacquered Burl Wood Box

What is burl wood, you ask? Well, burl wood is a knot in a tree. Basically, it’s a growth on the trunk that grows in a rounded shape. Inside this knot, known as the burl, the grain of the wood grows and forms into a unique pattern. When these knots are removed from the tree and cut open, gorgeous grain patterns that are completely unique are revealed. Don’t worry, it’s good for the tree! 

Then, the wood is shaved and shaped into a beautiful wine box, lined with velvet and lacquered with resin for a shiny finish. The amazing thing to remember about burl wood is that no two pieces are the same – just the same as a fingerprint or a snowflake. Isn’t that cool? That is why GiftTree offers burl wood boxes, because they are such a unique and interesting addition to an already impressive bottle of wine.

Personally, we love Bridlemile Willamette Valley Dundee Oregon Pinot Noir for this gift. Aged in new French oak, this premium 100% Pinot Noir opens with wood violet and cocoa aromas, uncovering flavors of black cherry and spice. Framed by chewy tannins and lingering impressively, this Pinot Noir pairs exceptionally well with grilled vegetables, herb roasted pork tenderloin, blackened chicken or oven baked salmon filets. Fed by cool winds from the Columbia Gorge, Dundee Hills AVA is the perfect climate for this cuvee, produced in collaboration with renowned Pinot Noir maker Archery Summit. Expansive and expressive, this Dundee Hills Pinot Noir shows a completeness – a stylish comfort in its own skin.

So you see, there are so many options when it comes to giving a unique gift to a wine lover. It doesn’t always have to be a bottle of wine in a gift bag! With all the options available, from wine baskets to crates, chillers to all the tools and accessories, you’re sure to send them an amazing and unique gift, any time of the year.



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