Worldly Estates Wine Chest

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  • A world map keepsake chest holds two red wines and an unforgettable menu of globe-spanning fare.

    Wine Baskets: Worldly Estates Wine Chest
    Istro North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon Pierce Canyon Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Chocolate Bourbon Barrel Aged Caramels Chocolate covered cherries Dark chocolate raspberry bar Green Olives with Lemon Brass Detailed Travel Trunk
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    Worldly Estates Wine Chest

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  • A world map keepsake chest holds two red wines and an unforgettable menu of globe-spanning fare.

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      Along with globe-spanning gourmet fare, two bottles of red wine present an international tour of tastes and textures in one keepsake trunk to elevate any occasion.

      See the Full List of Contents here.

      Included in Every GiftTree Basket

      • Decorated with a solid-color ribbon.
      • Attached Card with Your Personal Message.
      • Securely Arranged to Protect During Shipping.


      Personalize it! Upgrade to make your gift extra special! Complete the personalization option during checkout, and we'll add an elegant silver engraved plaque. Select one or two lines of up to 15 characters per line, or choose an elegant three-character monogram.

      Gift Basket Dimensions

      Measures 14" x 11" x 11".

      Food Items Subject to Availability. Sometimes we must substitute an item of equal or greater value to ensure that your gift arrives on time.

      Gift #6753
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      2s Company Original Wafer CrackersSmall-batch, artisan crisps, these wafer-thin gourmet crackers are baked until they are subtly toasty and overtly tasty.

      Classic Cherry SoursJust like your childhood candy shoppe favorite! Chewy, red confections with that classically irresistible tart and sweet cherry flavor.

      Dolcetto Chocolate WafersDelicately-rolled European-style wafer rolls that are made with premium ingredients including rich cocoa and chocolate. A decadently sweet treat!

      Giving Tree Raspberry Dark Chocolate BarVelvety chocolate bar made with 73% natural cacao, topped with an abundance of freeze-dried raspberry pieces. A worthy indulgence! We empower causes supporting humans and habitats with a portion of our proceeds.

      Istro North Coast Cabernet SauvignonIntense aromas of black cherry and walnut give way to ripe plum and satin vanilla in this subtly strong cabernet.

      Roasted AlmondsFresh almonds are hand picked at their peak, dry roasted to perfection and lightly sprinkled with sea salt.

      Chocolate Sea Salt CaramelsRich caramels lavished in pure dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. From Marich Premium Chocolates.

      Dark Chocolate Barrel Aged Bourbon CaramelsThe warm distinctive flavor of sweet southern bourbon pairs perfectly with Marich's buttery handcrafted caramels under rich dark chocolate.

      Everything Bagel CashewsEverything that's good about the topping on an everything bagel combined with the crunchy-yet-tender deliciousness of a fresh cashew.

      Greek Olive MixGreeceā€™s most popular olive varietals marinated in herbs and pitted, this mix is convenient and will be a great accompaniment to any cheeseboard.

      Pierce Canyon Reserve Cabernet SauvignonThis Cabernet has deep and balanced acidity with aromas of dried cherries, cedar cigar box and a hint of black plum.

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      Wine Drinker T
      Great Gift
      April 7, 2021
      Was given as a birthday present which was loved and had high quality items. Delivered on time with no issues. Would buy again
      ON TIME
      December 23, 2020
      "Beautiful Presentation"
      November 4, 2020
      Clients loved it!!!
      Wine Lover
      Great Gift!
      October 26, 2020
      My mother cannot stop raving about this treasure chest! Oh and the delicious wine and snacks. Thank you GiftTree. Will definitely be placing by holiday order soon!
      Employee gift
      Hits All the High Marks
      July 6, 2020
      We purchased this chest for a long-time employee who was retiring. Ordering was easy and shipping was on time as requested. She loved the gift and thought it was packaged beautifully. Highly recommend this basket for anyone.
      Excellent Gift
      December 15, 2019
      Exceeded my expectations and will be back to order more gifts in the future.
      Quality Experience
      June 16, 2019
      My sister commented how beautiful the presentation was and she absolutely loved the gift. This has been the best online shopping experience ever. Product as promised and delivery as promised! Would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.
      Great Gift and Great Customer service
      April 21, 2019
      I ordered one for my mother. She loved everything about the chest and the contents. There was a crack in the bottom of the chest but it was no worries because the customer service was great. I emailed on a sunday, heard back within 2 hours and had it resolved in 2 days. 100% would recommend this and anything from this company
      Down under - Mum & Dad
      Wonderful - from the other side of the world
      March 26, 2019
      Arrived on time. We were able to FaceTime & see the opening of the Around the World Wine Chest. Chock full of all that was presented with NO extra packaging which takes up precious room with no value. Thank you for your service we will definitely be continuing to use your Gift Tree into the future.
      Happy customer
      Happy Parents
      December 17, 2018
      My parents loved the wine chest. They said it was the most beautiful gift basket they'd ever seen.
      Beautiful presentation
      November 20, 2018
      Sent this to a couple as a Sympathy gift. They loved it.
      Beautiful Presentation
      April 26, 2018
      They Loved it!!
      December 30, 2017
      Sent this as a Christmas gift to my parents who I was not able to see this holiday season and in addition to all the photos of it that they sent me told me over and over again on the phone how wonderfully arranged it was. The arrangement, the contents- all of it was top class. They said the wine selection and food assortment beautiful and what they had sampled so far was fantastic. Based on the praises from my parents I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an elegant gift!
      December 28, 2017
      Best Package
      December 28, 2017
      I sent this to a friend and they absolutely loved it! They went crazy over the Chest!
      Beautiful Box
      December 27, 2017
      I received the gift for Christmas from my boss. The gift is just beautiful and so far everything in the box is delicious and of high quality
      Ruby Maritime (Pte) Ltd
      holiday gifts
      December 27, 2017
      This was the first time we had wanted to send a Holiday gift to our principal in Houston and we had not any idea how to do it. When thru the google to see what is available in USA and how to confirm and send. Likely it was deliver on time and confirm receipt by our principal. Thank you for making this delivery successful.
      Wine enthusiaist
      December 25, 2017
      Best Christmas present ever for someone who couldn't be home for the holiday as she had used her time off helping me recover from hip surgery.
      Perfect gift
      May 20, 2017
      Great food, great wine!
      Bob A
      Beautiful Presentation
      April 18, 2017
      Perfect choices for selecting gifts in good taste!
      It was beautiful and my friends were very.
      February 20, 2017
      Highly recommended Happy!! Great job
      Great Present to Give to Others
      February 10, 2017
      Purchased this as a gift for a wedding couple with engraved plack on front. Was packaged very good and such a good variety of edible items to accompany the good wines made part of pack. World box also a very nice item which surely will have other uses for the couple.
      Great Gift
      January 6, 2017
      This was sent as a gift to a co-worker. They loved it and said they liked everything that came with it. When they receive gifts like this from others they don't like what's included. This one was very nice and they enjoyed everything that came with it. Great presentation along with on-time delivery. Thank you for putting together a great gift.
      Great Gift
      January 6, 2017
      this was sent as a gift to a co-worker. They loved it and said they liked everything that came with it. When they receive gifts like this from others they don't like what's included. This one was very nice and they enjoyed everything that came with it. Great presentation along with on-time delivery. Thank you for putting together a great gift.
      Excellent Christmas Gifts
      December 21, 2016
      I purchased two Around the World Wine Chests as Christmas gifts for my father and an aunt. Both were extremely happy with the gifts and contents. The chest holding all of its content was a success. Both raved about the gift and excellent tasting contents. I would definitely buy again for others. Shipping was fast and reasonable.
      Unique gifts
      December 21, 2016
      The trunk is just as beautiful as pictured. It's a great keepsake. The wines were good, cheese & everything was enjoyed.
      Thrilled Client
      December 12, 2016
      Sent this to my best client. She called immediately to rave about it. She liked it so much she's putting the chest in her home library. Thanks again GiftTree!
      New Customer
      Great Presentation
      December 7, 2016
      Very Prompt Delivery.
      Clients loved it!
      July 28, 2016
      I will continue to purchase these gifts for my clients!
      Wine & Scrumptious Treats - A Winner!
      July 16, 2016
      Gift for my classy daughter - she said I nailed it - that's all I need for two thumbs up!
      Love surprise
      Love it
      May 5, 2016
      Perfect! The presentation was outstanding. It was a surprise gift for my husband's birthday and I sent it to his work. I still haven't tried the wine but everything else is very good.
      Happy customer
      May 4, 2016
      The recipient said it was the most beautiful basket they had ever received!
      Exquisite presentation!
      May 3, 2016
      I received an outstanding selection of delicious goodies as a delightful Mother's Day gift. The presentation blew me away- especially the scissors included to help "unpack" this well put together assortment. Very impressed by the freshness and quality of the cheeses, cookies and chocolate. The wine is a great quality and I look forward to making my way thru all the rest of the items. Truly a gift which will not easily be forgotten. My initials on the keepsake box was a great touch! Great work GiftTree!
      Food and wine lovers
      Excellent presentation
      April 21, 2016
      Sent to family friends and they loved it. Checked all boxes for their pallet.
      Around the World Holiday Wine Chest
      April 19, 2016
      We were given this beautiful wine chess and goodies. It was a beautiful gift that we received in Hawaii during our honeymoon from my husband's daughters. The trunk handle unfortunately broke, but the entire empty chest was replaced at no extra cost. We were extremely pleased with customer service and we are so in love with our basket.
      Safari Ken
      Beautiful Chest
      April 5, 2016
      Gave this as a thank you gift, and the recipient was bowled over by it. She sent me photos, and I have to admit I was a little jealous. The chest is really nice. She said the little scissors were entirely unnecessary, but they added to the charm of the entire package, as did the monogrammed plate. I'm very happy that I chose this.
      Trade Show Prize
      March 15, 2016
      Our booth was a hit due to this giveaway package from GiftTree.
      Bearer of Gifts
      Great Review from Recipient.
      March 12, 2016
      I sent this gift to my travel agent. She went above and beyond for me this year, and I thought that she deserved something special. She called me as soon as she received it (March 8, 2016, as promised) and thanked me immensely. I opened my email this morning and there was an email from her giving me thanks again. She informed me that they are enjoying everything in the basket and that her son pulls from the basket after dinner. BIG "ups" to GiftTree. I have to send myself something to see what all the "rave" is about.
      Business owner
      Way more than you expect.
      March 4, 2016
      I received this today from a client of mine. Beautiful presentation looks amazing. I was so impressed with the gift I had to check out GiftTree myself. I will definitely shop them for my future gift needs. The company also enclosed a free gift and free scissors with their logo on it. I will keep them for the memory of where to shop.
      Happy Son
      Very Classy!!
      March 3, 2016
      So pleased with GiftTree!! They delivered the amazing Around the World Chest on my mother's birthday. She was so happy and amazed at the contents! She had a glass of the wine from Italy and said it was very nice . Thanks for helping my mom have a nice day. I will certainly use GiftTree again!!
      Beautiful Gift!
      February 19, 2016
      This was a retirement gift for my Mom. She loved it! So many people asked where I got it from. I am very please with the quality of the trunk, the items inside and the beautiful way it was delivered. Thank you for a wonderful product!
      Just wonderful
      February 14, 2016
      Sent this to my Mother-in-law and she loved it! Great presentation!
      February 4, 2016
      I bought this gift a few days ago for my mother (who doesn't like receiving anything and also has everything). The super bowl is coming up and I wanted to give her something that she can enjoy while watching the game. I am very pleased in the quality of the chest, wine (slightly aged) and the fun snacks that came along with it. When she received it, it sat by the door for a while until I took it out of the box and handed her the chest. Immediately she fell in love with it, and thought it was empty. When she finally opened (curious why it was heavy if it's empty) she got excited by all of the goodies inside. Needless to say, I will be using again when it's time to give a gift!!! Thanks!
      Fabulous wine hamper!
      January 23, 2016
      My family in Seattle received this gift and absolutely couldn't stop saying thank you to me. It was actually getting embarrassing! They loved everything about it. They went on about the beautiful chest which contained the two bottles of wine, salmon, cheese and crackers, etc. I was amazed at the delivery because it was a holiday, Martin Luther King Day and you still delivered it on that day. I was sure there was some mistake when you said the delivery would be Monday (the holiday). Thank you so much for the wonderful package. It was worth every cent and I will be using you again in the future! Kind regards, (from Australia)
      I love it!!!
      January 21, 2016
      I love this basket! I want a million of them. Truly a wonderful gift.
      Birthday gift
      A Big Hit!
      January 17, 2016
      Sent this to my sister for her birthday. She loved it! Great price too!
      High quality product.
      January 7, 2016
      The receiving party loved the gift from your "Gift Tree" company. It is great doing doing business with this company. I will use this company again and recommend it to friends. Thank you
      December 30, 2015
      Gift for parents. They absolutely loved it!!!
      Great presentation
      December 29, 2015
      Great presentation! Arrived on time and as described.
      A Big Hit!
      December 25, 2015
      My son and his wife are difficult to buy for, but they were very pleased with their gift of wine and cask of snacks. I'll be ordering again.
      The family loved it
      December 23, 2015
      I sent it to my boyfriend's family because it was kind of hard getting an individual gift for each of them. They were very happy and loved the basket especially the chest box.
      Presents Very Well.
      December 21, 2015
      The gift basket was a hit and the box is really cool.
      Awesome gift; very well received!
      December 14, 2015
      Excellent gift!
      September 30, 2015
      Sent this basket for my real estate clients. They absolutely loved it! Thank You!
      So Thankful
      Fabulous Gift!
      September 4, 2015
      I received this as a Thank You from a business associate. It was such a wonderful surprise! Love every bit of it!
      Treasure Chest
      Welcome Surprise
      August 28, 2015
      When my daughter opened up the box she was very surprised by the added gift of the scissors to help open the package. She was very happy with the world chest. This was a new home housewarming gift to which she will put her future treasures in. She loved this gift. Thank you for putting a warm and delicious gift together.
      Around the World
      Around the World.
      August 11, 2015
      OMG! My cousins loved the gift! It was absolutely the most Gorgeous!
      Great gift!
      August 3, 2015
      Was impressed with the box. The contents were great. It was given as a Thank You gift and the recipients loved it. Especially the chocolate. Arrived on time.
      Thankful Client!
      June 17, 2015
      Being a well-travelled man, I knew I had to choose a high-end gift for my client. He was very impressed with the Around the World Wine Chest. The wines intrigued him and the accompaniments complimented each other well. He called me to thank me, then e-mailed me twice, and texted me four times! I made the correct choice!
      beautiful presentation and box
      April 8, 2015
      I sent this to a lady that was handling a contract deal for us, she did such a great job, I wanted to show her our appreciation. She loved the wine box and goodies, the entire office was impressed.
      It was everything I expected
      April 6, 2015
      I would buy from this company again.
      Gift giver
      It was their best gift!
      January 14, 2015
      Our friends called immediately and were thrilled with their wine chest! Loved the included scissors, the presentation and the quality of the wine and goodies!
      Another Big Hit
      January 8, 2015
      You've done it again! Sent this to my biggest client who couldn't thank me enough. I had previously sent them another gift basket which went over fabulously, but this one did the trick. Thanks for another great presentation.
      Excellent choice!
      December 28, 2014
      We wanted something to say a very special thank you and it did just that. It was delivered on time and made a wonderful presentation.
      Exquisite basket
      December 25, 2014
      I sent this to my sister and her husband for Christmas when she received it she called me and said this was the nicest basket she ever received!!! She sent me a picture and it was beautiful and the contents were great and the wine was good too. I would definitely send this gift again... Very impressed & top quality products.
      Very pleased
      December 14, 2014
      Everything about this experience was wonderful! From great selections, ease of order, fast delivery, great customer follow-ups, and a product that was well received by its recipient. I didn't see the package but my parents said it was very nice and that they were going to use GiftTree for future purchases. I'm very pleased and will definitely order from here again!
      Absolutely Beautiful!
      December 8, 2014
      I was so impressed with this gift I received that I was literally speechless. What an incredible quality gift and treasured keepsake in the quality made chest. I just couldn't impress upon my gift-giver, enough, how touched I was by this very special and thoughtful purchase. Nothing but sheer quality and class in this gift.
      tough to please
      Exceeded expectations
      December 3, 2014
      I purchased one "around the world wine chest" to test it before making a larger purchase. I am very critical and can say that you will not be disappointed with this product. I was a little worried about the quality of the wine but it was really very good! I purchased 40 additional chests as Christmas gifts for customers. The card and plaque turned out very nice also. Really good, very impressed!
      Blown away!!
      November 22, 2014
      Sent this to my grandma for her birthday. She called me and stated that she has never seen such a beautiful presentation and basket in her life. She was literally blown away!!
      Blown Away!
      October 16, 2014
      I ordered this gift for my mother's birthday (first time order from and she was thrilled! She sent a thank you card saying she was "blown away" by this gift. What a pleasure...she said that the quality was over-and-above... the flowers I have been sending year after year didn't even come close. Great value and great quality. We also ordered a basket for my husband's daughter's 22nd birthday and she had the same reaction. NO MORE poor flower orders from this household... it is!
      August 21, 2014
      Receiving gifts is always a pleasure I enjoy, but today when I received this beautifully designed present I was taken aback by the design and goodies this trunk holds. I am honored to have received such a piece of art from GiftTree. Thank you so much for making my day and allowing my son and daughter to stand with pride for their selection to represent my 45th wedding anniversary.
      Great Gift
      July 17, 2014
      We wanted to send a special gift for a friend who had recently moved alone to a new state. She absolutely loved the chest - said it was the best ever.
      Gourmet Gift Lover
      Wonderful 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift!
      July 4, 2014
      We received this gift for a 50th Wedding Anniversary from all of our kids. It is packed full of quality food items and 2 bottles of wine. The presentation is 5 star and the gift box it came in will hold many of our world travel memories! All in all a perfect gift. We love it! We will order from GiftTree again in the future.
      Amazing gift basket
      June 20, 2014
      Recipients were overwhelmed by the size and variety. This was my second time ordering and both times the recipients have been more than pleased. Can't go wrong ordering from GiftTree. Thank You.
      Beautiful and Perfect
      June 11, 2014
      The perfect thank you for legal services rendered, impressive and we were called immediately upon arrival with immense gratitude! I highly recommend the wine chest, its a keeper!
      regular customer
      May 14, 2014
      My girlfriend loved it. I was surprised that the wines seemed more sophisticated than I expected. I haven't looked them up but the labels were quite impressive.
      Five Star WOW Factor!
      May 8, 2014
      We received this as a "thank you" gift from friends in Australia. It's like Christmas in May! What a beautiful presentation. The gift trunk has a wonderful assortment of foods, miscellaneous items and 2 bottles of wine. We can't wait to start sampling. This is our first gift from GiftTree. We had not previously heard of this company. We will certainly use them in the future. You have a great gift assortment to choose from.
      It was an amazing surprise...!!!
      April 8, 2014
      I sent this as a wedding gift.. and also as an apology for missing such event...!!! It was a great surprise for the couple and we felt much better...!!!
      March 24, 2014
      I sent it to a friend for his retirement, he could stop raving about!
      Perfect choices
      January 3, 2014
      I loved doing business with Gift Tree, it is a convenient and conducive place, great selections. I will definitely do business again in the future and recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
      December 30, 2013
      December 26, 2013
      If you need to impress someone and you
      Beautiful display
      December 26, 2013
      Beautiful display all in a chest . I gave this chest to my aunt and uncle for Christmas they just love it.
      Around the World Wine Chest
      December 24, 2013
      My family enjoyed everything in this chest. The contents and presentation were wonderful. Also, thank you so much for the excellent customer service and delivery!
      I love it
      December 14, 2013
      My son, who is currently deployed managed to send me this. I am so happy and it was packaged absolutely perfect. Smiles all around for me this Christmas!!!!
      Surprising, exciting, a great gift!
      December 9, 2013
      My son, daughter in law and family sent this great gift because we can't be together for the holidays. It was exciting to open and each item was a joy. We can't wait to have a festive cocktail party with our closest friends to share in this bountiful gift. PS: we looked it up on your web site, fearing they had been overly generous and we're shocked to find what a great value you provide. We had guessed amounts twice as high. So thanks for providing our kids with a great gift at a fair price.
      Extremely pleased
      December 9, 2013
      This gift basket was BEAUTIFUL! I could not have been happier!
      Beautiful chest
      December 4, 2013
      This gift basket arrived the day after ordering! It is in a gorgeous chest wrapped in ribbon with a greeting card. I was worried what the engraving would look like, but it turned out great! I am so excited to give this gift! Oh, and they threw in a pair of complimentary scissors too!
      Perfect gift for wine lovers
      November 25, 2013
      Beautiful wine gift basket with delicious snacks. A big hit.
      One surprise after another!
      November 24, 2013
      I received this as a birthday gift, I enjoyed every second I spent checking out each little surprise! I felt like a child excited to see what was the next little package in this great gift was! The "trunk type" container is also delightful!
      mountain walker
      The gift that keeps on giving
      October 30, 2013
      I searched the internet for an anniversary gift for my son and daughter-in-law. They are world travelers and love nice things, so I was looking for something dignified enough for their taste. After it arrived they called and told me how impressed they were with the gift. As they unloaded the treasure chest piece by piece, they were thrilled with all the quality treats - calling it "the gift that keeps on giving". I will choose this product again for other friends on their special days.
      So very very pleased
      August 19, 2013
      One never knows, when you only see a picture. This more then exceeded my expectations. She opened it at my house. I was really overwhelmed by the great quality. You are my gift place from now on. Her mother called me to say how great it was and how much she liked it. The chest will be used for many years to come. So glad for the opportunity to tell the others about this beautiful items. I appreciate quality. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. This was a congratulation gift for my Grand daughter, that landed her first real job as a music teacher in the elementary school. She loved it .
      Most beautiful
      August 15, 2013
      I bought this as a congratulation gift. It was outstanding in every way. My granddaughter, loved it. I watched her open it. I am so glad I bought this. I will buy again. These folks are good.
      July 16, 2013
      I have not seen this basket, but the receiver was so delighted and told me that the basket arrived well packed and it was beautiful. I will definitely send the "Around the World Basket" again.
      Excellent Selection Made an Awe-Inspiring Surprise
      July 8, 2013
      I sent my 81-year old mother this fabulous birthday gift. The treasure chest was filled with high-quality items that complimented one another and provided much enjoyment and fan-fare in my absence. Thanks for making my mom's birthday extra-special....I will definitely be using your services again. Catherine Howle Tucson, Arizona
      Around The World Wine Chest
      June 29, 2013
      Recipient was delighted!
      New in Utah
      Very Impressive
      June 19, 2013
      Sent this gift basket to a prominent businessman (who I am sure has received hundreds in the past) and he absolutely loved it, especially the scissors. He and his wife we so impressed that they too will be using Gift in the future for their gift basket needs! A definite home run!
      gift basket
      June 17, 2013
      the parcel arrived on time and met or exceeded my expectations. My wife was very pleased with the contents as it was a birthday gift. thanks for truth in advertising.
      Uncommon Laborer
      Hit the Mark!
      June 17, 2013
      This is a wonderful gift. I added the custom engraved plaque and I know the box will be kept and repurposed. I was there for the opening and my son was thrilled. The box was full of well chosen treats, not filler packaging. I will be going to gift tree first from now on!
      They loved it!
      May 22, 2013
      L.A. Girl
      Makes a statement
      May 9, 2013
      I got this for someone as a thank you gift and opted for the personalized plate with his and his wife's monogram. He absolutely loved this gift!! This is also for a guy who already has everything but was still so impressed with the chest. I highly, highly recommend this gift!!
      Wonderful Wine Gift
      May 3, 2013
      Sent as birthday present and the person loved it. She said the chest would be used afterwards in her home to keep items around the house, as it was so nice. Great job!
      Sounding Board
      Best Gift Received
      April 20, 2013
      Everything from ordering to delivery was easy and right on schedule. But the best thing was when the person who it was received the gift (it was sent as a thank you gift) told us that it was the best gift he had ever received. And I greatly appreciated the follow up call from Linda at Gift Tree to make sure that everything had gone smoothly. I will definitely use Gift Tree again and again and I will recommend it to others.
      Great deal
      April 20, 2013
      I don't usually get in involved in writing reviews, but this time I am making an exception. This product was a home run. Well worth the money!
      Multi-fuctional Gift
      April 1, 2013
      We ordered this gift for our realtor and she LOVED it! The presentation was spot on with the explanation provided on the web site and being able to personalize the chest on the front was a great added feature. The wine and snacks are gone and she now uses this chest for her real estate papers when she travels around!
      nice wine chest
      March 16, 2013
      Sent this to my Mother for her birthday. She loved it ! She loved the chest that came with it and has it on a shelf with collectibles. I recommend the engraving plate with some nice words or message because the chest is very cool, they will use it for a display. There were many other choices as well and will be trying those on other people as well.
      Grateful Donor
      Raves from Recipient
      March 16, 2013
      I didn't see the danged thing, but the recipients were thrilled.
      Pleased as Punch
      March 7, 2013
      My husband I bought this gift to donate for an auction. It was very popular and brought in a lot of money for the foundation, thank you GiftTree!
      Loving sister
      Awesome gift
      February 21, 2013
      My sis the world traveler loved it!! Thank you !
      For great wine lovers
      Around the World Wine Chest
      February 21, 2013
      Great gift idea for people who really enjoy wine and treats. For any occasion or birthday or holiday or just because I love you gift.
      Excellent value and presentation
      January 26, 2013
      Bordeaux Lover
      Nice Gift
      January 9, 2013
      Great Package
      January 4, 2013
      Very Well Done! I really appreciated being informed about the order status and delivery confirmation. AWESOME. I'll definitely be back. Around the world wine chest is everything that is advertised and more
      Great Present
      January 3, 2013
      This basket was very nicely arranged and the box was pretty good quality too. I expected it might be cardboard, but it was made of wood. All of the items inside fit the description nicely! This was a great gift and the person I sent it to definitely enjoyed it!
      DC Lawyer
      Great presentation
      December 31, 2012
      Beautiful Presentation
      December 30, 2012
      The contents of the chest was really really nice as I was advised there was something for everyone in my family they really enjoyed so much even the chest was fantastic
      Beutiful packaging and keepsake
      December 30, 2012
      The person I sent this to loved it. Also the gift arrived on Christmas Eve. Perfect timing. Thank you
      Simply Amazing
      December 29, 2012
      the recipient loved this gift.
      Wonderful Presentation
      December 29, 2012
      This was a wonderful presentation and contained great quality craftmanship and products.
      Beautiful Presentation
      December 28, 2012
      I purchased this as a gift and the recipient could not stop talking about how beautiful the presentation was and the great quality of the food and wine.
      Simply Beautiful
      December 28, 2012
      We purchased this for a dear friend, a man who has everything, well he received this and was so happy and very impressed!!! He said he couldn't believe how unique it was and the personalized gold plate was beautiful... he must have thanked us 10 times and showed it off to everyone, Thank you Gift Tree for helping us with our Holiday shopping
      Lovely Presentation
      December 28, 2012
      I sent this to my parents for Christmas since I was unable to be with them this year. They absolutely loved it, the snacks, the wine, and the beautiful trunk. Great gift!
      Outstanding Product Design
      December 27, 2012
      I purchased the chest as a Christmas Gift for a Friend. Actually had her initials monogramed on a placque on the front. She was thrilled with the chest itself and, even more plesed when she saw what was inside.
      Convenience shopper
      Lovely chest with great products
      December 26, 2012
      This was delivered promptly right before Christmas. The chest is lovely and the contents were apparently delicious. I'd love to see an option to change out an item or two as the recipient had a nut allergy and it would be nice to change out chocolates (with nuts) for other crackers. Just a suggestion. Otherwise loved the product!
      Wine Shopper
      Wonderful Gift
      December 21, 2012
      My Brother in law & Sister in law received this gift for Christmas and they loved the contents of this gift so much & loved how it was presented in the wooden chest. Gift Tree thank you for doing a great job I have used your company a lot this year and I highly recommend you. Thanks,Amanda.
      December 30, 2011
      We received this chest as a christmas gift and what a surprise! The world chest itself is a very nice accessory and the quality of the contents was wonderful! What a nice gift!
      Outstanding Presentation
      December 27, 2011
      I sent this to my best customers and "every" one called and could not say enough about it. Makes me wonder what I will do next year as a follow up.
      Vionica Cheng
      June 27, 2011
      Lea Simons
      May 30, 2011
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